Ideally today will be better than yesterday.
Ideally we'll share.
Ideally we'll make some babies (a lot of them).
Ideally we'll find time to sleep in.
Ideally we'll kiss in the rain.
Ideally it will start to snow.
Ideally we'll get lost.
Ideally you'll remember my name.
Ideally I'll remember yours.
Ideally our eyes will meet.
Ideally we'll understand why.
Ideally we'll get to the fork in the road and go left.
Ideally I'll open the door for you.
Ideally you'll reach over and unlock my door.
Ideally when I mumble you'll understand.
Ideally we'll meet again someday.
Ideally we'll dance under the stars.
Ideally all your love wasn't wasted.
Ideally this is just the beginning.
Ideally the peanut butter is crunchy.
Ideally you'll give me some context.
Ideally dream and reality will blend.
Ideally I'll have a better answer to the question "who are you?".
Ideally we'll meander.
Ideally we'll wonder together.
Ideally we'll wander together.
Ideally I won't break your heart.
Ideally you won't break mine.
Ideally there will be miles and miles.
Ideally we'll watch cartoons together.
Ideally we'll wake up early and watch the sunrise.
Ideally three points where two lines meet.
Ideally you will find me again.
Ideally I will find you.
Ideally lost is a good place to start.

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