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The world is changing. Technology is evolving, transforming, connecting, and unlocking whole new possibilities.


Ideally Shopping was one of these possibilities, but there's also a broader ethos - a choice by which we strive to see the world as it can be and then make it so.


Our focus has been crafting commerce to be... simply better. We set out to fundamentally change the way consumers shop / buy / discover. Now exploring new frontiers...


Wicked smart, darn creative, oddly humble. Fast movers in an oh so fast world. Passionate about passions (and passionfruit).



David was previously the CMO of Storkie Express, building/executing all things marketing and product strategy at the eCommerce company.  He continues to serve on the Board at Storkie.  David received three engineering degrees from Stanford University with fun acronyms: a BS in MS&E, a MS in MSE, and a MS in E.  Aside from surfing at Ocean Beach, he is addicted to traveling, yoga, and weird drinks at boutique grocery stores. 

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