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Gain a new sales channel

(and powerful insights too)


Connects with your eCommerce platform

to automatically generate orders...

Sunsetted July 2018

Superpowers to transform your business

"Ideally has redefined our mobile strategy and transforms the way we think about pricing sales"



Mobile mobile mobile

Easily create a mobile shopping experience with no software development investment: free to join and seamless to sync with your existing eCommerce platform.



Way beyond "Buy Now"

"Buy Now" is necessary but not sufficient. In addition to one-tap checkout, next gen commerce is about inspiration, personalization, and new possibilities...

Our user wishlists not only automatically generate orders when you have sales, they create interactive demand curves with the ability to implement private sales.

Visibility into consumer demand



3 BIG scary factoids

It's time to make some changes!

      99% of

mobile visits purchase nothing

In 2016, Retail eCommerce conversion rate benchmarks on mobile are ~1%.

While desktop benchmarks are double, those are still a paltry 2%.

( Mobify report - October 6, 2016 )

"Pricing 2016: Life Becomes Unmanageable" reported that only 35% of retailers believe their company has a strategy in place to manage prices and promotions effectively.

( Retail Systems Research - April 28, 2016 )

       65% of retailers

don't believe their company has a strategy in place to manage prices and promotions effectively

       83% of

marketing emails are never opened

Promotional messages are getting lost in the ever-increasing amount of noise. How effective are your sales and promotions, when customers never know about them?

( MailChimp report - September 12, 2016 )

Easy peasy integration options

Ideally makes it easy to connect your eCommerce platform:

don'tcha just love technology!?!

What's your company's approach

to managing prices and promotions?

"On average, a 1% price increase translates to a 8.7% increase in operating profits."

- McKinsey & Company, Research Report

Actionable analytics

Introducing an entire new class of insights and capabilities...

Consumer demand with "Sell Now" buttons

Real-time interactive legend lets you specify revenue, quantity, or price goals...

"Everyone's had that experience where they say 'if this was a little cheaper, I'd buy it'..."

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